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    Illustration - edgelab

    EdgeLab ™

    Flexible information system adapted to the needs of different laboratories

    The EdgeLab application is user-friendly, scalable and the logical choice to provide computerized management of laboratory results.

    It also facilitates the obtaining of accreditations :

    ISO 15189 – ISO 17025 – ISO 22870

    Illustration - edgelab

    The advantages

    • Conviviality

      The graphical environment of Windows permits quick access to the desired information, an intuitive menu structure, package of processing functions and userdefined rule sets for automatic control decisions.

    • Scalable and flexible options

      EdgeLab includes integrated management of multiple laboratories and sites, centralized results management, and a real-time communication flow of information to other systems or organizations.

    • Real-time information management

      Dynamic management of the laboratory’s activity thanks to the dashboard that facilitates access to information for better laboratory efficiency.

    • Regulatory exposure

      EdgeLab is compliant with current quality legislation and regulations (INS, CDA, RGPD….).

    The features

    • Subcontracting

    • Access and management of patient identification and history

    • Diagnosis, blood type card, cumulative results, images, and so on

    • Inter-patient links (e.g. mother-child)

    • User-defined rule-based system

    • Microbiology with management of resistant bacteria

    • Biological tissue bank for sample management and storage

    • Interfaces for demographics, results, reference laboratories and billing

    • Flexible billing methods and options

    • Production and activity tracking (e.g., work-in-progress logs)

    • Statistics

    • Paperless Bacteriology