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Illustration - edgecell

EdgeCell ™

Intuitive software for cell therapy and tissue bank management

Edgecell is designed to fit to your business and provides safety, efficiency and traceability. EdgeCell improves your process efficiency, reducing your operating costs while helping to provide safe, traceable and compliant products to your patients and customers. This solution is flexible and allows you to better control your processes in accordance with your procedures.

Illustration - edgecell

The advantages

  • Simple and powerful settings

    A flexibility that allows you to adapt the software to your internal procedures for each activity.

  • Complete traceability

    From collection to product processing to transplant confirmation.

  • Security

    Product delivery governed by rules configured by type of product / donation.

  • Activity tracking

    Access to the database to generate statistical reports.

The features

  • Setting of the different types of tissues and cells (cord blood, stem cells, bones, valves, corneas, skin...)

  • Bio-therapeutic file of the patient (lists of samples / products, history, immuno-hematological information, autologous protocol, synthesis of products / HLA information, linked individuals, letters ...)

  • Interfaces with the laboratory system and analyzers (IH and HLA recovery)

  • Automatic update of patient history / pathologies (based on test results and medical questionnaire)

  • Collection form (help in entering mandatory information with medical questionnaire specific to the donation, test results, characteristics)

  • Product sheet (characteristics, event history, summaries, immuno-hematology, photos, etc.)

  • Follow-up of product processing steps (Aliquoting, mixing, ISBT 128 labeling)

  • Management of the Biothèque locations (quarantine location, adapted architecture ...)

  • Management of supplies of biological products and material vigilance (ordering, reception, stock management, distribution and confirmation of graft, graft incident).

  • Search for HLA-compatible donors (use of configurable algorithms)